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Public apology for constantly using the R-Word

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I want to help raise awareness that using the word retard(ed) is disrespectful, dehumanizing, and very hurtful. Ann Coulter is a public figure with over 282,000 twitter followers. Her words impact many people and I wish she would take that into consideration when making comments. This is not a political issue for me. It's all about respect and neither Ms Coulter's party affiliation nor my party affiliation play a part in this petition. 

These are the tweets she sent out: " ‏@AnnCoulter

I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard." 


Obama: "Stage 3 Romneysia" - because cancer references are HILARIOUS. If he's "the smartest guy in the room" it must be one retarded room."


Please note, this petition is against Ann Coulter for using the word "retard(ed)". Ms Coulter said in an interview that the word "retard" was a word to call someone a "loser". Please listen to the interview below to hear her say that... She did NOT call my Son any name. My son, Caleb, is MY motivation for starting this petition to hopefully show ms Coulter that people are offended by her words, whether she believes it or not.


I also feel that Penguin Group, the publisher of Ann Coulter's latest book, should take a stand against her speech and not only condemn it, but, offer a donation to a disability rights group. 


NOTE: There have been a lot of comments about my political affiliation. This isn't a political issue. This issue is bigger than politics. 


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