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Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District needs the first half of its FTA grants to be certified immediately to avoid a devastating 30% transit service reduction and the accompanying lay offs. The union representing SB MTD workers and SB MTD administrators all agree on the fairness of certifying the first half of the grants. If the grants aren't given to the state transit dependent students stand to lose lines critical to their work and academic lives.

Letter to
Department of Labor Ann Comer
On behalf of student bus riders and riders all over Santa Barbara we ask that you immediately certify the first half of Santa Barbara MTD’s pending Federal Transit Administration grants. Without these grants our local public transit district will be forced to make a 30% service reduction in early January. If this were to occur it would equate to the elimination of four routes and drastically reduced service on sixteen routes. Twenty out of twenty six routes in our district would be affected by these cuts. Employees of Santa Barbara MTD would be laid off – affecting our local economy. Access to the retail, food service, and hospitality industry for both workers and consumers would be reduced. In hard economic times with our state and nation just beginning to recover, is it really wise to risk something potentially so devastating?

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