Reject Draft Policy 5060 regarding Student Participation in Assessment Programs

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School Board Rewords Policy But Doesn't Address the Core Issue

Last night (almost midnight) the Ann Arbor School Board voted on a first draft of reworded policy 5060. This blanket policy now affects students at all Ann Arbor Public Schools and gives the district the power to set consequences and punish as they see fit. They will vote on this revised policy at the next board meeting on June 24. Draft Policy 5060 - Student Participation in Assessment Program This draft policy (included in the text below) was presented in Governance on May 20 and at first briefing on May 27. It is scheduled for second briefing and action. Draft Amended Policy 5060 The Board of Education believes that assessing student progress provides important data by which the district can measure the effectiveness of curriculum and instruction and the impact of our educational programs on student achievement. Participation in assessment programs by all students ensures accurate information is provided to parents, educators and other stakeholders and is necessary to improve educational outcomes for our students. All students enrolled in the Ann Arbor Public Schools are required to participate in any and all assessments mandated by State and Federal law. Therefore, full participation in these required assessments is mandatory for all students who are enrolled in the Ann Arbor Public Schools. There is no mechanism or policy that allows for districts, or their students, to “opt out” of mandated state or federal assessments. Failure by the district to test the required number of students in each school and/or district-wide may result in educational, financial or reporting sanctions or other negative consequences, and could lead to changes in district policies or procedures to ensure adequate and/or uniform participation. The Superintendent or designee shall administer student assessments in content areas and grade levels as required by state and federal laws, and shall work with district administrators, principals and the parent and student community to ensure adequate education about and participation in state and federal mandated testing . Failure to participate in all state and federal assessments will result in the Board taking any additional actions deemed appropriate to protect the district. Therefore, full participation in state assessments is mandatory for all students who are enrolled in the Ann Arbor Public Schools. Failure to participate in all state assessments may result in exclusion and/or removal from any application-based school or program. Special exceptions to individual student participation may be granted by the Superintendent or designee upon a showing of extraordinary circumstances. The Superintendent or designee shall provide regular updates of student progress to students, parents, educators and other stakeholders.

Andrea Horvath
6 years ago