Its important to ecology of this planet,
Slaughtering, animal testing , entertainment through animals is not just beyond painful its also very unethical..
Future generation need to see all these natural heritage and beautiful natural forms on earth.
Its urgent and high time we understood that we are not superior, all form of life on earth are interdependent.
Extinction of any single specie may cause hoax and eventual destruction of the planet...
People are always getting deadly diseases and planet is already getting so over polluted, bcz of the endangering of the wild and natural habitats...
if humans are extinct the earth will flourish but the earth can never do without absence of other species..
So lets not wait for that and reverse the damage done to the planet already...
Stop the barbaric absurd activities of animal hurting or killing of any kind. There are a lot of substitutes for animal products on earth, which are torture free so lets adopt those

Shikha Pallavi Dayal, Lucknow, India
2 years ago
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