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Finish the Tropes vs. Women in Video Games video series and give your backers what they were promised.

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In June of 2012, online critic and self-proclaimed feminist Anita Sarkeesian, posted a proposal on Kickstarter for money to do a 12 video series on women in video games. She requested $6,000 to do the project. She got funded to the tune of $158,922, over 26x times the amount of money she said she needed. And here it is, nearly 3 years later, she has produced three of her twelve videos. True, the two of them were multi-part videos, but she has only covered 3 of her supposed 12 topics in that time.

An ironic twist to this story is that one of her stretch goals in her Kickstarter was to "bump up the production quality". And yet, the average quality of her videos has amounted to little more than what was presented in her normal Feminist Frequency videos. What's worse, her average quality is no different than that of any other YouTube/Blip/DailyMotion based games reviewer. 

In the time since her Kickstarter was successfully funded, she has made multiple public appearances on various university campuses, awards shows, TED Talks and even on national media outlets like ABC's Nightline and the Colbert Report. However, in that time, she has failed to comment or even provide transparency on the progress in these videos.

Whether or not you agree with Anita's viewpoints, the bottom line is she entered a contract with her backers. As such, I am issuing a challenge to her and her producer, Jonathan Mcintosh:

Stop your public appearances and various other talks until such time as you have finished your video series, else refund the money you made on Kickstarter.

Seeing as Feminist Frequency pulled in over $441,000 last year in revenue, neither of these options should be a problem. Whether you like it or not, you owe your backers that much at least. And if any of the people at Feminist Frequency have any valid reason as to why this challenge cannot be met, please make it publicly known. 

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