Anita Krajnc: Stop Animal Abuser Lola Devonne from Speaking at Your Event

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Anita, your group is having an event in Los Angeles at the Farmer John slaughter house, and they have advertised a known animal abuser and killer as the speaker at that event October 2.

A group of animal rights activists in Los Angeles have spent the better part of this year tracking an animal abuser and the animals she has neglected to the point of death, or had confiscated from her by Animal Control in Agoura, This woman, who goes by an alias "Lola Devonne" and who ran an outfit she advertised to the public in Agoura as a non-profit "Have a Heart Ranch", is responsible for the deaths of 7 animals in the span of the last 6 months:
1) A pig stolen from Beagle Freedom Project who was entrusted as an emergency foster, died after being mauled by this woman's pitbull, "Lola" left the pig to die with no vet care, no pain relief, because she didn't want to pay for a vet. Lola still has the other stolen pigs that she won't return to Beagle Freedom Project. A neighbor who "used to be a vet tech" was called to the scene when Lola would not pay for vet care and watched the pig die an excruciating death with no pain relief.
2) 4 of 6 turkeys rescued from slaughter by another 501 c 3 rescue Earth Peace, were killed by being left out for coyotes to eat. 2 of those turkeys were sponsored by your own dear friend Lauren M.  For months Devonne publicized the birds were stolen then she changed her lie to "the rescue jumped over her gate and killed the birds", but after an exhaustive search and hiring investigators, construction workers from a lot behind the property confirmed they found the half eaten bodies of the turkeys. The turkeys were supposed to go to an actual sanctuary to live out their lives but "Lola" wanted them dead instead.
3) A 5th turkey belonging to "Lola" was locked in an isolation cage for 6 months in direct heat and sun with no clean eater and died of neglect one month ago. An independent animals rights activist saw this herself,
4) A pregnant cow dropped dead on the property right in front of the same vet tech our investigators interviewed: cause of death no medical, Lola didn't want to pay for it. It's on video.
On September 13 "Lola" had 2 horses confiscated from her by animal control for severe neglect. One of them is pictured, above. She had used one of them with a rotten eye to gather in donations and never got him vet care.
Lola left the property she had squatted on at 6350 Cheseboro Road for 7 months at the expense of the property owner ($80,000 worth of rent unpaid) on September 26, the place was destroyed, she was locked out by Sheriffs. She then broke back into the property on September 28 to steal property from the landlords.
Each and every one of these claims is 100% verified.

To have an animal killer, animal abuser, fraud, and thief speaking at an event where animals are being killed behind the walls of a slaughter house, is a travesty against the animals and against the name of your organization Anita Kranjc. Are you truly  a person who will stoop to such a low to get revenge over a group you rival with?
Show some integrity, please, don't let your group be a platform for this animal abuser to do more harm and perpetrate more fraud. Sponsoring her will lead to more dead animals. Please have some respect for all the animals she has killed and stop your organizer in Los Angeles who only wants to shut another vigil group down, from putting your name through the mud.

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