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Stop casting insanely hot women to play Kevin James' wife

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Leah Remini, Salma Hayek, Jane Krakowski, Maria Bello, Leslie Bibb AND Rosario Dawson (in the same goddamn movie), Amber F*cking Valetta, and now 'Children's Hospital's' Erinn Hayes??  When will this madness end? None of these women would date Paul Fart Mall Cop in real life, so why must we keep pretending this is plausible, even in TV and film? Yes, Kevin James has a beautiful wife, but she married a successful, wealthy, actor, not a bumbling mall cop. If Kevin James gets to bone Salma Hayek in a movie without question, then it should be acceptable for funny, not anorexic-looking actresses to be cast alongside hot actors without it being a topic of controversy (cough cough, Lena Dunham and Patrick Wilson in 'Girls'). Studio execs, I'll make a deal with you. If you're not going to stop casting Kevin James in multi-cam sitcoms with a hot, mean wife, then PLEASE start casting hilarious actresses (that actually look like the rest of us) alongside insanely hot actors. I'd watch a movie starring Rebel Wilson and her hot husband, Michael Fassbender. NO MORE DOUBLE STANDARDS. Who's with me?!

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