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Replace my accidentally destroyed pump

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I'm a 26 year old male with type 1 diabetes. I also happen to have Asperger's syndrome. During a period of great personal stress, I was put into an emergency behavioral health unit at Lehigh Valley Muhlenberg in Bethlehem, PA and I had a "meltdown." I blacked out, and when I regained my senses my insulin pump had been destroyed. The event was recorded on camera and I was watched by several members of hospital staff as it happened. According to the hospital's rules and regulations, the pump should've been removed from my person, as it could easily have been used to hurt myself or someone else. It wasn't, and the hospital denied responsibility for the item's damage. I explained the event to Animus Corporation, and they said the item's damage was not covered by warranty, as it was a "purposeful destruction." However, the nature of the pump's desctruction was accidental. As I wasn't aware of myself, the item being damaged was not the result of my will to do so, hence my description of the event as an accident. Interestingly enough, Earlier this year I dropped my glucometer by accident and it was damaged to the point of needing replacement. Animus gladly replaced my glucometer (part of the One Touch Ping system) free of charge, but oddly enough I still have no pump.

I need the insulin pump. I have very poor control of my glucose via injections, and it's not for lack of my trying - I eat well and get a reasonable amount of exercise in, but I'm extremely brittle when it comes to injections. I either have taken too much or too little insulin, with no happy medium. Within the first month of my having the pump in 2011, my average glucose went from 250 down to 190, and it began trending lower from that point on, getting down to an average of 150 the same month my pump was destroyed. My hemoglobin A1C is now back up to 10.4, and because of this, I'm not able to get glasses that I most likely need according to my eye doctor. He wants to rule out poor control as the cause for my left eye seeing half as well as my right.

To make matters worse, the symptoms related to Asperger's that I have hinder me enough that I've got a social disability, which makes it exceedingly difficult for me to get or keep a job. As a result, my income is quite limited, and I only make about $9000 a year. A new insulin pump from Animus costs over $6000, though if I fill out a financial aid form and send it in, it'll be down to $1200. In the best case scenario, coming up with half of the money after financial aid will take me longer than waiting for Medicare to buy my replacement, which is two years from now.

The decision to deny me a replacement seems arbitrary at best. I'm unaware of how I can purposely perpetrate an accident. I'd like Animus to reconsider their decision to prevent my proper glucose control, and playing "telephone tag" has become a great source of my anxiety. Please sign this petition and help me get my health back.

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