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Make "Swimming Anime" CM into an actual series.


The fact that this CM exists is a huge step for the otaku culture in general. Never before has a CM or piece of media so blatantly served a female audience in this way.

Sure, men are appealed to with raw fan-service all the time, but apart from Otomen and bishonen - the female otaku has never been catered to with such raw, over-sexualized male character fan-service.

Also, how can you ignore such a massive fandom that equated over the span of about 6 hours? You can't.


Please note that this is not a negative petition against KyoAni or Animation DO - We are not claiming that there is NO PROJECT PLANNED or that there IS.

We just want to present the TRUE NUMBER of fans to KyoAni and empower them. 

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  • Animation DO and Kyoto Animation.

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