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There are a lot of problems here in the world but animal cruelty has catch my attention the reasons are animals or pets may not have the enough rights that I believe animals must have. Sadly, animal cruelty has been very often in my country, there are actions and some cases has been solved but it wasn't enough to stop cruelty because still some communities treat animals cruelly. As a concerned citizen and an animal lover I wanted a strong law that can be declared to avoid animal harassment. A lot of videos in social media harassing pets like dogs and cats are appearing frequently and I wanted an action to lessen or more likely to prevent those. I have encountered some cruelty when I was a kid around 5 years old and all I can do cry, now I wanted to do something big that can change others perspective in terms of animal cruelty.

These actions may be considered as a major violence to animals: Failure to provide adequate water supply, food, shelter and enough care.

and some maybe considered as cruelty that can allow the suspects to be arrested and will be forced to pay charges:

Dog fights - Dogs are forced into a bloody battle.

slaughtered pets  - Cruelty to animals in Asia is appalling, with dogs and cats being boiled ALIVE and eaten as food,  The Cat & Dog Meat Trade In Asia, after being beaten to “tenderise” the meat whilst alive.

Pets killed for enjoyment and to be popular.

Fur Farming when they are.alive


All I want is the enough rights of the animals to stop their suffering, the agony of their pain and the violence of humane to them.

Start an action and spread the message is the need for us to do so we can help stop animal abuse and suffering that is happening every minute of every day to millions of innocent animals. Animals has sometimes fulfills our needs, they also gives happiness. They need suitable rights, can we return the favor?

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