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Animals deserve the only thing they hand out, LOVE.

For those of you people who have a dog, you know, the one you love so much? The one that waits for you to come home and runs up to you and licks you to death? The one friend that will always be by your side no matter what you look like, who you are, what you've done, what you believe? The friendliest souls you will ever meet? Your dog you've had since you where a baby? or maybe recently just got? That beautiful, innocent, judge-less, loving animal? Now imagine your dog being shipped off in a small cage with a bunch of other dogs. With no room to move, barely even breathe. That innocent animal being sent to a place where it will be killed. FOR NO REASON. Some will be eaten. But why does it even matter why their being killed? The fact is they are and it's WRONG. Not even wrong. It passed the line of wrong completely. It's like there was never even a line. They skin the dogs alive! Yes they're alive while being skinned. It's inhumane. Some are just beaten to death. That innocent, loving dog is crying out in pain. China has an appalling record regarding human and animal rights. Among the cruelty to animals in China there is:-

The slaughter of cats, dogs and other animals by skinning them alive.

The use and export of this fur to countries such as ours.

Dogs beaten to death on the streets of China on a regular basis.

A population that still seems to enjoy the cruel spectacle of animal suffering.
When I read this I was really mad and said I hated China. But I was wrong. I shouldn't hate China and I don't. It's not all of China that's doing this. I hate the people who are out there doing that. I hate the people who help out. I hate the people who know about over there and watch. Yes some people WATCH. Apparently It's entertaining to watch disgusting Hitler like people kill probably the most LOVING and INNOCENT souls on earth. So don't take this as a hate against China. This is not for us to turn against China. It should be to turn against the horrible people doing this. There's pictures but I don't think i should show them. I don't even ever want to look at them again. It's cruel. It's horrible. It's monstrous. Please join my event. It will help. You'll see. Think about it.

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