Save the Turtles

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I believe that we should save the Sea Turtles because so many Sea Turtles are going extinct. We can save these animals by reducing the amount of garbage we produce and cleaning up trash we see on the beach, turning out the lights that are visible from the beach, and by properly disposing of fishing materials. By doing this we can save tons of Sea Turtles each year.

The first thing we can do to save the Sea Turtles is reducing the amount of garbage we produce by recycling and cleaning up trash left on the beach. Many Sea Turtles get tangled up in trash and plastic that are left on beaches which makes it very hard for them to swim. Sea Turtles often confuse fishing lines, balloons, and plastic bags for food and eat them causing serious injuries and even death. We can save these Sea Turtles by cleaning up our trash on the beaches and not letting them blow into the oceans. Just by doing this simple task, we can already save many Sea Turtles.

The Second thing we can do to save the Sea Turtles is by turning out the lights that are visible from the beach. Sea Turtle hatchlings use the light and the reflections from the moon to find their ways to the ocean, but when we use artificial lighting it confuses the baby Sea Turtles and can lead them in the wrong direction which puts them in a very dangerous situation.  Artificial lighting also disrupts adult female Sea Turtles from nesting on the beach which causes less and less Sea Turtles to be born. This is a problem because when less Sea Turtles are born there becomes less Sea Turtles in the world which causes them to slowly become extinct. We can prevent this by not having as many street lights by the ocean and by closing blinds and curtains at night when lights are on or just turning off your lights all together.

And last but not least we can save the Sea Turtles by disposing of fishing materials. Sea Turtles are very good swimmers with powerful front fins. But since Sea Turtles move their front fins in a circular motion they tend to get entangled in fishing lines and ropes which can lead to serious injuries. We can prevent this by not fishing near as many turtles so they won't get caught in the nets. We can also prevent this by making sure to always pick up all of the fishing materials after using them.

In conclusion we should help save the Sea Turtles because they are going extinct. If we all chip in to helping save the Turtles we can save millions of Sea Turtles each year!

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