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Animal Welfare in the german Constitution Grounds and in the EU Constitution

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Protection of animals in the basic law and in the EU constitution

Only by laws of the actual protection of the animals the situation will improve with lasting effect. Clarification work perform in the population, pressure on the legislator exert - this is our strategy!

Only in the Federal Republic of Germany about 450 million "benefit animals" fall victim per year to the consumer behaviour the citizens and female citizens. Besides, this alarmingly high number not even contains fish, shellfish and molluscs, because they are calculated only in tonnes. Millions battle animals are transported annually thousands of kilometres all over through Europe and a lot of animals do not survive the transport to the slaughterhouse.

In addition, animals suffer and die - in 2007 these were 2.5 millions - in the labs of the pharmaceutical companies and chemical concerns, in our universities and research facilities as anatomical study objects of beginning doctors or for a questionable basic research, and, in addition, in the war weapon industry as test objects of future murder tools.

Besides the fashion by the processing demands a high tribute in animal life also of fur, leather and wool. Even the hunt which does not serve in our country already since long time any more the food procurement necessary for survival but rather as a questionable, pseudo-sporty leisure activity or at best as a care of an ancient tradition must be interpreted, the life costs per year about 5 million wild animals.

According to scientific studies every fourth animal species could have become extinct till 2050, because the severe animal exploitation and natural exploitation also causes substantial negative secondary results. The extremely high continuance density in "benefit animals" as well as the überdüngten agrarian surfaces contribute in Germany already almost as strongly to the greenhouse effect like the traffic. By the warming of the climate the global extinction of animal species and botanical species has dramatically accelerated and leads for the remaining animal species often to massive suffering or to her death, because her life bases were destroyed in the sensitive ecosystem earth.

All this happens without compelling need, in spite of oversized offer of tasty, healthy herbal food, in spite of a huge number of alternative test methods, in spite of the availability of good synthetic and herbal textile materials, web fur and leatherettes, and although the resources of the earth could be used by people responsibly and without grief causing.

On the long way for the recognition of the rights of the animals own protection of animals article belongs as the first step in the basic law and in the EU constitution, so that can be weighed out in cases of doubt between each other to conflicting legally protected rights. The German protection of animals law must be reformed after occurred law change entirely.

In all EU member states the ministries of protection of animals which deal neither directly nor indirectly something with the use of animals are to be furnished. In addition, we demand the installation of independent protection of animals representatives who should be plausible, engaged and competent lawyers of the animals and receive far-reaching controlling rights and complaint rights to obtain a highest possible measure in actual protection of animals. We will exert ourselves furthermore for the creation of the association complaint right for protection of animals associations in all federal states and at the national level.

Logical protection of animals in the basic law and in the EU constitution - with own article!


We demand an abolition of the mass keeping of pets, abolition of the meat industry subsidies., stop Animal testing, ban of the position of queues, crocodiles, monkeys, tigers and all threatened animals as domestic animals. No wild animals in the circus, closing the zoos and release animals to sanctuaries!!

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