Wildlife Sanctuary VS Zoo : Animal Rights #SayNoToZoo

Wildlife Sanctuary VS Zoo : Animal Rights #SayNoToZoo

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You are having a lovely dinner with your small family and sharing some good laugh with them, enjoying some beautiful moments and suddenly from nowhere a giant enters your house. He throws a big net over all of you, you are shocked, frightened and perplexed. Before you can figure out anything, you are caged in a big vehicle, with your family.. 

Guess where the vehicle is heading to..

A place where you will find some more creatures like you. But all trapped in a small cage.. Some cages are smaller than the size of a room of your small house! Oops! Sorry.. Your past small house! Because you have got a new house now. 100 sq ft maybe.. Something like that in the above photo. More than enough for you to fit in!

Your permanent house! Completely free of cost. You didn't spend a single penny to build it. Isn't that fantastic?!! You don't have to work anymore. You will be provided food time to time. No more family time! Why think small?! Now whole world will come to see you... Those staring eyes..! The Big world is open for you now!

Congratulations!! Welcome to Zoo!!!


If this makes any sense to you, please say no to zoo. If you want to teach your children about animals, then first teach them that all living beings have feelings. All living beings should be treated equally. What is the difference between animals and human?

  • That the animals don't have brains like us? Then definitely I feel they are superior than humans because they could have taken better care of our mother earth unlike us who invited climate change causing numerous to die.
  • Or that they cannot speak and talk like us? Oh come on! If you have any dumb member in your family, do you behave in a similar way with him/her like you do to these creatures?
  • Or is it because they aren't civilized like us? If we cage these innocent and dumb creatures, then I don't think we deserve to be called civilized at all!

Discrimination is not limited to human beings alone. It includes all living beings. Humans are also animals. Powerful of all the animals! And we all know, great power comes with great responsibilities. Have we taken care of our responsibilities well? Ask yourself.

Animals too have feelings! Animals also feel both, joy and pain. Help your children learn love & compassion for all the living beings without any discrimination. This will help them be a good human.

Animals to have the right to lead the life their own way. They have the right to breathe in the air of freedom.

I support Wildlife Sanctuary but I do not support Zoo.

Support this cause & say no to zoo.


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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!