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Step up efforts to get stray animals off our streets

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India's streets might as well be petting zoos. The roads have as many stray animals as they have commuters: cows and dogs mostly.

I see a lot of these animals everyday.

Some of these animals are cute, some are brute, but all of them live pitiably. Obviously, they have no place else to go, so the streets are their home. But living on the street means they could get hit by a vehicle at any given time and that they have no shelter when it rains. As such, some animals have very sensitive hearing and I bet the noise of horns and crackers wouldn't sound very pleasant at an even higher decibel.

There's a lot of reasons why we shouldn't let this go on.

First up, I don't see how we can develop if we still let animals roam the streets. They are not a very nice sight. Not only do they mess with cleanliness, they also make the roads a very unsafe place. If I am walking down the street, a ferocious dog is the last thing I would want to see.

Secondly, they are a major reason why disease spreads. Stray animals' bodies are home to fleas, ticks, hookworms, tapeworms and a bunch of other weirdly-named, harmful organisms. If you live in an area with a huge stray animal population (that's pretty much anywhere in our country), I have a feeling you would be far more likely to contract diseases.

After reading this, you might be just a little bit kinder to the next stray animal you see. You may even decide to feed it yesterday's leftovers, or give it shelter when it rains. Very good. But that's not going to solve the bigger problem.

For that, we need the Government. 

But, so far, the government's response has been, well, non-existent.

There is something called the Animal Welfare Board that was set up by a piece of legislation back in the 1960s. But I have no clue what they have done so far in these 57 years. Judging by what I see around the country, not an awful lot.

Animals have been in the news a lot, what with the beef ban and Jallikattu. Urban Development has also been dominating the news. The plight of strays, however, has not gained that much attention.

To be fair, the Government is doing a lot to make our cities cleaner. But I feel that if the Government could step up efforts to help strays reach animal shelters, they could easily make the country far more safer, cleaner and appealing.

I have no clue what exact measures can be taken, I'm afraid I'm not really an expert on non-social animals. But its our job only to direct the Government's attention to the problem; figuring out what to do is the Government's job.

So sign this petition with the simple click of a button, sit back and watch change happen!

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