Say No To Animal Rides!!

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Basically, the problem is that we all write essays on welfare of animals but do not really think about it. When it comes to rides, most of us say that what will happen if we will take the ride, everyone is doing it so why not we. But we don't understand that 'Every Drop Counts'.  If we start realizing that rides must be fun for us but it is a torture for the animals. Just because they cannot say anything does not mean that we can do anything we want. It is time to understand and “Say No To Rides”.

It's not all about rides;  these safaris into the forests and elephant camps also make animals uncomfortable. National parks were initially made to provide a area for animals to live safely but is this really true? We take safaris into the national parks for our own fun but this disturbs them. When the national parks were for their safety, there also they don't feel safe. And in elephant camps, I pity the elephants seeing them tied in metal chains for our fun.  No this can't be true. We can't be so cruel to the animals. From today if you support me stop taking rides, safaris or going to any animal camps.