Help Stray Dogs and Cats! Feed them during Lockdown.

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Stray Dogs and Cats are one of us please treat them with kindness, during the lockdown it's very hard for survival especially for those who are daily workers and labourers but our P.M Shri Narendra Modi Ji has ensure to takle the situation inspite of economic crises and shifts, most of us believe that Covit-19 has transmitted from animals to humans but it's not a proven fact this are based on theory. Dogs and Cats can never harm you or transmit viruses the poor animals do no cause any harm to the society but still they are mistreated and have no shelter and food. It is my appeal to the concern Government to take necessary steps for animals by providing them with shelter food and medical assistance. The place where I live has few stray dogs every evening when I go to the market to buy vegetables. I buy few packets of biscuit's and feed them so that they dont die of hunger, I am not someone who has enough cash to raise and keep them all but I try to atleast feed them. Since the lockdown has been announced in so many countries I think of the animals who are still suffering from hunger, sickness and are emotionally down since no one is there to take care of them. So I urge each and everyone of you to feed the dog remember too much sweet or sour or salty can be dangerous to them keep your distance and feed them, no one will come forward to praise you but God will be happy for your deeds. We all belong from nature and we are connected together if we don't help them who will do.? I also request the Government to look into the matter and comeup with some solutions for the animals. I am trying to make it a global concern and discuss with each of you to find the solutions together. Lets Change!