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Ban on selling breeds of dogs (that are suitable for colder climate) in India

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Over the year, an increase in demand of exotic breeds of dogs in India has been noticed. It has become more of a status symbol than the joy of having a loving companion. There have been several cases where breeds like Siberian Husky, Saint Bernard, Malamute, Chow-Chow, Tibetan Mastiff are left by the owners on street, plagued with skin diseases and in deteriorating or poor health. It mostly happens because these breeds require a lot of effort to keep. Since they are suitable for cooler climates, their health in warmer climate is in jeopardy. It is a SADIST practice to keep such breeds and let them suffer because of their natural built. These breeds, in hotter climatic conditions need air conditioner, Hydrotherapy, cold water, good food and a lot of care; failing which, owners are abandoning their dogs on the streets. They are being bred/exported to meet the clients demands till their bodies wear off. They are kept in cages at pet stores and normally left at the shop at nights, in cages, in dark with no proper ventilation. Their selling price starts from 14,000 INR. The cost of each pup depends on it's coat and beauty.


There maybe a few examples where these breeds are provided for everything they need to develop and live to their actual potential without being tortured. But there are uncountable cases where they have been abandoned because they were heavy on the pocket when it comes to take care of their health and their treatments.

Dogs are a man's truest companion. They do not mind if you let your frustration out on them. The very next second, they will wag their tail and love you the same. They deserve so much love, good and caring humans. Let us stop this cruelty against such pure souls. 
I request you all to join this petition and come together to put a BAN ON TRADING OF COLD WEATHER DOG BREEDS IN INDIA. 

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