Cancel opening of a Manor in Sydney that offers Shiba dogs as companions for sleepovers!

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I came across the following post on Facebook, regarding a Shiba Inu Breeder in NSW, Australia:

"Introducing Kortmar Manor Shiba Stay & Play packages!

Would you like to join us for an overnight Shiba experience at Kortmar Manor? Do you want to pick a Shiba to share your room, take a dog for a walk, bath a Shiba, play with the dogs and if we have them, puppies too? Brush them, feed them and just generally be surrounded by Kortmar Shibas? Take photos and have as many cuddles as you want? Does that sound like something you would enjoy?"

I personally disagree to use shibas or any other animal for sleepover companions in rooms on a hotel basis. Furthermore, alcohol is allowed on site.

I believe people will go to extremes in order to feed their social media feed with shiba photos and will harass the animals on a daily basis. Also, the dogs will be exposed to many different people and there is no guarantee that the shibas will be comfortable with all of them (especially without supervision in a private room).

If you agree that animals should NOT be used as marketing toys, please sign my Petition so I can cancel this service from opening. 

Thank you!!!