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Petitioning Animal shelters still using gas chambers.

Stop the use of gas chambers in America.

It is important we put an end to the use of gas chambers in vet clinics for many reasons! One, it is absolutely in-humane and should have never been a form of euthanizing animals. Animals that are put in gas chambers are put in alone and scared, so scared that when they start the gas chamber most animals deficate themselves. Cowering into a corner with no one to be there for them in their last moments of their lives. They say it's cost affective but is that the only reason the gas chamber is used? An animal shouldn't be murdered in one of the most in-humane ways possible simply because it is cost affective! The use of gas chambers in America needs to be put to an end! No animal should ever be put through any gas chamber ever again, they deserve the respect to have someone there for them in the last moments of their life just as they have always been there for us. Please help me put a stop to the use of gas chambers in America!

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  • Animal shelters still using gas chambers.

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