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Save lives! Adopt don't shop!

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Can I just start off by saying I love dogs and actively protest for their rights. I am outraged when they are neglected and abused, and to be honest I like them alot more than what I like most people. Today I was completely taken a back by a rule I didnt know exsisted. 

My mom decided after the loss of her furry child a year ago that she is willing to open her heart once again to a beautiful four-legged child in need. This time we decided there are so many rescues that need a chance at a great life so when my mom found a picture of a doggy she felt it was ment to be and instantly fell inlove! She went to see the doggy this past weekend and knew she needed to save her and give her a beautiful life. So when we found out that we need to get all her current dogs fixed we realized its going to be so much harder to make this happen. There is a rule at 2 specific shelters that I contacted (although I'm sure its most of them) that states all current dogs as well as the newly adopted doggy needs to be sterilized. I do understand the concept behind this and agree with it in a sense, however with so many doggies needing homes and people like my mom willing to help, It seems redundant to expect her to pay R2000 for sterilization of males when we know the adoption includes the new doggy being fixed. 

I really do understand the policy and think in theory it is great, (preventing breeding farms, territorial behavior from males resulting in fighting, preventing more puppies needing homes etc) but denying a beautiful doggy a chance because of this rule seems very unfair and irrelevant. 

This rule results is so many people opting to buy a puppy from a petshop because its the cheaper option. In a time where vet fees are incredibly high and salary increases barely cover inflation (this is the only reason they haven't been fixed already), I find this rule to be very unreasonable. I feel that no dog should live a day in this world without knowing they are loved, and I'm one of those people that see neglected and abused dogs and cry for hours knowing I can't save them all. We have decided to go ahead with the adoption because we know she's the one, but I really feel this rule shouldn't be a deciding factor in a time where there are so many dogs in need of a home.

I know that alot more people will be willing to adopt if animal shelters are more considerate when it comes to the rules. If the rules were amended it would mean so many more of our four-legged friends would be able to find a loving home. This rule is especially worrisome as not all shelters are pro-life shelters, which means they would deny a beautiful soul a fun loving home based on thia rule which ultimately could result in euthanasia if they doggie isn't adopted in time! 

I wish to call on all animal shelters to consider the implications of their very strict rules!

At the end of the day its supposed to be about our dogs and their quality of life!

Sign my petition and help give Strays a chance at finding loving homes!

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