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Advertise Animal Adopting and Reduce Animal Homelessness

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Every year, animal shelters euthanize approximately 3 million to 4 million dogs and cats, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Many shelters set a holding period in which strays are not eligible for euthanizing, giving their owners a chance to rescue them. However, not all animal shelters euthanize, and those that don't distinguish themselves from the others by calling themselves no-kill animal shelters. The Humane Society of America reported that there are 150 animal shelters that operate in the United States. The shelters take in an estimated 6 to 8 million dogs and cats every year, or 40,000 to 54,000 per shelter per year. This is a lot of animals which usually causes a shelter to be “overcrowded” with too many animals.
It is time for the shelters to actually speak up about their animals. How often is there an advertisement for a lovable animal on the television or in a magazine? For an animal shelter to run properly it must have a family that wants to take in a pet, but not every family thinks about it. This is where shelters should act. Put a commercial on a television network, post an article in the paper, or maybe start up a popular website.
Families already have to think so hard on what kind of pet they want to which breed they want. Why not appeal to the masses and HELP? Animal Shelters need to make it easier to see the variety of animals they have. If someone were to see an animal in the paper or on their TV is might help initiate them to add to their family and adopt a pet. Honestly, not everyone thinks about pets. They are swamped with work or just too busy to have any train of thought. Animals shelters need to put the animal in the head of the future adopters. Not everyone realizes what they can find in a pet, and this is where the shelters have to assist.
Animal homelessness is no joke. Four million dogs and cats are put down every year for being homeless. If the shelters don’t act now that number will continue to rise at increasing rates. They must help the community and the animals find each other so they can be happy together. Animal shelters should organize open houses, make flyers, or present at schools to get animals adopted.
Finding a home for a pet is life changing not only for the animal, but for the family that adopts it. It yields a better life for the animal and makes the family’s life that much more spectacular. A pet adds to the family making it come closer together. It is the job of the animal shelters to find homes for their animals, but just not homes; they need to find the RIGHT homes.

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