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Protect All Pitbulls Across the United States and in American Territories


Across the United States, pitbulls are being murdered for no other reason than discrimination towards their breed. Pitbulls are not dangerous dogs. It is the low-life hooligans who teach these dogs to fight and kill that need to be "put down". Even dogs who miraculously survive the fights and are rescued, can often be rehabiliated by a few months of very intense training. We cannot give up on pitbulls or other abused dogs! There is no reason to kill a dog for abuse that he or she endured.
I battle with anxiety disorder and ADHD and I was born with Aspergers. Those are three very good reasons why I have Harley, a beautiful, happy, friendly, pitbull in my life. I don't see Harley often, but Harley is my therapy dog and I see him when I can't calm down or when I am having a dreaded attack. Pitbulls are extremely loving, and Harley can help me feel calm and at peace again when things get out of whack. Pitbulls born into loving families or intensely rehabilitated are affectionate, intelligent, funny, energetic dogs great for single people, couples, and families including those with special needs children. Many people with Aspergers, autism, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, depression, or dealing with overcoming abuse, or some sort of special need or disease benefit immensely from having a pitbull.
Why? Pitbulls, like my therapy dog Harley, are some of the most intelligent and emotionally responsive dogs out there. They can detect when something is not right. When I am shaking, Harley will literally hug me. If my eyes roll back and start to flicker, Harley will repeatedly lick my face. Even feeling his heart beat helps my heart to start beating normally again. Other dogs I know are sweet, but they don't have the detection that pitbulls do.
We ask Congress and the President of the United States to put into motion and sign a bill protecting all pitbulls. We ask for the following:
1. No loopholes.
2. No county in the United States or its terroritories (ex: Puerto Rico, Guam) can kill a pitbull or any other breed based only on the breed. No more discrimination.
3. Any dog rescued, pitbull, non pitbull, or pitbull mix from a dog fighting scene will be given a minimum three months intense rehabilitation therapy on a daily basis. Those dogs who do not pass the course will be able to live in an animal sanctuary.
4. If the pitbull or other dog is still too violent at an animal sanctuary over a period of three months adjustment, then and only then will he or she be put down.

 We also demand that adults and teenagers who abuse animals are permanately placed on animal abuse registry.

Let's do it for Harley! I wouldn't be as strong as I am today without him!

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