Get Finch a Snake

Get Finch a Snake

November 5, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Finch Bauer

I want a snake. I have for a very long time and I feel i can take care of a snake. I want specifically a snake who is in need or something like that. 

heres a list of reasons i should get a snake:

  1. if i get a snake and have to care for it ill be more responsible 
  2. snakes are cool and i like them
  3. gives me something to do 
  4. snakes arent high maintenance 
  5. i have done a lot of research on snakes and know how to care for them
  6. we already have materials to care for a snake ig. cage 
  7. if i get a snake ill be cooler 
  8. dude look at how cute this snake is why would you say no 
  9. i will let it be my christmas present and not ask for anything else
  10. ill help around the house ill vaccum the floor and clean it pls just let me get this snake

and if you dont want me to get a snake heres a list of other animals i want:

  • underwater ecosystem 
  • frog
  • snail
  • axolotl
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Signatures: 123Next Goal: 200
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