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Put the Timaeus Team back on Rattle Snake Republic

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The show was extremely educational, especially for those of us who live in Texas; and since theTimaeus family was not offered an extention on thier contract, the show is now casted with reckless and un educated 'snake wranglers'. We want the Timaeus team back on the show! they actually taught us how to be cautious when encountering snakes, and they gave the viewers helpful information. They where not careless or full of unnecessary drama like the other cast mates are on this season. This petition is to Animal Planet, in hopes of opening thier eyes to the fact that they where wrong by not renewing the Timaeus team's contract for the show. We want them back on, or the word will be spread to not watch Animal Planet's Rattle Snake Republic, until they re-sign Eric Timaeus AND Eric Timaeus Jr to the show!! AND WITH EVERY PERSON WHO SIGNES THIS PETITION, AN EMAIL WILL BE SENT TO ANIMAL PLANET PRODUCERS AS WELL AS ANIMAL PLANET CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS..!!

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