help stop bullfighting

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Bullfighting is a horrible task which includes killing bulls. What did they do to us? Each year 250,000 innocent bulls each year are killed in bullfighting. Ex matadors even admit and agree that the bulls are admitted to unnecessary stress and suffer in and out the ring. This is definitely not fair. Even though bullfighting is banned by law in many countries like the UK, USA and Canada, it is not banned in some of the more prominent to bullfighting countries including the country it originated in - Spain. Even though you think that you are not responsible because you don't run the bullfighting but us humans pay to see them get hurt even if you haven't been before you still are letting it happen. If this carries on, with all the climate change and all the horrible way people breed bulls happening in the back round, bulls could most likely go extinct. Think of the young bulls wondering where matadors are taking their parents and the bulls not knowing that they will be next and imagine that you were the bull seeing your parents being taken away. So please help. Millions of innocent bulls are counting on you. I