Do the same to the criminals as they have done to the little innocent angels....

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I want the culprits involved in this brutal mass killing of the innocent puppies and attempt to murder of an adult dog to be punished in the exact same manner as their crime.

There should be no other way around, even if it means to escalate to the highest level of punishment.

Until and unless these steps are taken and let the entire world know about it, people will not come to their senses( though I highly doubt that it will make any changes....).

People generally think animals as objects and treat them as they please but generally forget that they themselves are ANIMALS too. Just because we can walk on 2 legs, can speak to express our emotions, thoughts, suggestions etc, it does not make us superior. Animals have the exact same emotions, they feel pain, anger, express happiness, sadness everything just like a human being. Just because they cannot speak or walk like us, it does not make them any different.

Whatever we do, achieve to excel in life, take n number of oaths to change the world, the world will never be a better place until and unless we stop animal cruelty and start loving these angels.

Lastly, please remember that humans betray one another, have corrupted intensions for each other, generally cannot accept other's success, happiness etc but an animal will give his own life in order to protect his favourite human, be stupidly loyal to his master and be the sweetest soul!!