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Pledge A Bowl of Water - Save Animals From The Summer Heat!

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A bowl a day to save the stray!

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It’s summertime again and the heat waves have started pushing people to stay indoors. We leave home and head into our school or office to save ourselves from the scorching sun.

We have that option- of being protected from the sun!
But what about the stray animals and birds?

City life is not only taking a toll on us humans, but it is also affecting stray dogs, cats, cattle and birds. Every year, a number of them die of heatstroke and one major reason behind their untimely death is the lack of access to clean drinking water.

All of us need drinking water to keep our body going, and specially during the summers when nothing can do what a glass of water does to quench our thirst and keep our body cool. As we become more civilized, our concrete jungles are increasingly pushing out animals and birds. Due to lack of water, these animals end up drinking unclean water from the sewage or drains, and in some cases, their survival instincts drive them to drink their own urine.

We can save these animals from the plight of summer months by just putting a bowl of water outside our homes and offices. Once the stray animals and birds know the location of the water bowl kept by you, you will surely make some new friends.

#PledgeABowl is an initiative by Impact Guru to encourage every citizen to help these animals and birds get through the harsh summer temperatures. The good news is that it is a very easy problem to fix. And there are three ways by which each one of us can help our furry immediately:

Put bowls of water outside your homes, your offices, the footpaths in your area, you gardens, your balconies and on your terrace, so that our furry and feathered friends can stop for a drink to quench their thirst and survive the burning heat. Over time, you’ll notice that the animals and birds will keep coming back to the bowl everyday, and this will ensure that they are well taken care of, this summer. You can donate towards the efforts of NGOs and animal welfare activists who have taken up this initiative and have started a fundraiser on Impact Guru, in the hopes to prevent birds and animals from dying due to dehydration. If this cause resonates with you and you’d like to be a bigger contributor to the cause, you can even start a crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru to make this project a success by raising money to distribute bowls in various localities in your city.

In the race of our daily life, we may often forget to notice what is happening in our surroundings, but most of us care, and sometimes we just don’t know how to take that first step towards change. This petition is to urge you into taking the first step.

The support here can also become an eye opener for the government and they may set up more animal friendly animal shelter houses.

We can help save lives of many animals and signing this petition can go a long way in reaching out and motivating a tribe of change makers. On behalf of all the parched animals in your area, we at Impact Guru, invite all of you to be an important part of the #PledgeABowl campaign by doing just one of the three humble deeds that won’t take too much time, effort or money.

So are you ready to #PledgeABowl today?

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