Change Red panda, Red fox, and Red squirrel to have orange in the name instead of red

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Hello, it has come to my attention that animals have been named incorrectly. as anyone with eyes (that isn't colorblind) can see the animals with red in the name are often, in fact, orange. this is something that needs to change. I have listed 3 in the name but there are many more. the full list of animals whose names need to be changed is here. this list may be added to if more animals are brought to my attention.

Red squirrel
Red-tailed squirrel
Red fox
Red panda
Red sea cucumber
Red eft
Red hartebeest
Red kangaroo
Red meerkat
Red phalarope
Red-billed buffalo weaver

most of these animals are clearly orange yet still named red while some can be argued to sometimes be red. that is why the ones that are clearly orange should have the red swapped with orang and the ones in the middle should have the red removed from the name and be called something else.