Free The Twins ❤️ with their mama ELSA

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Skydog Sanctuary is a wild horse sanctuary in Oregon.  We rescue at-risk mustangs as well as work with our local BLM wild horse corrals taking special needs, injured or sick horses to give them extra care and bring them back to health.  Recently we were asked to take a mustang mare who had given birth to twins - which is an incredibly rare and miraculous event. We travelled to the corrals to see them and agreed to take all three of them.  We were then notified that the mare was to be part of a spay study where they intended to remove the ovaries of the mares to prevent them from having further babies.  We don't believe they have a legal right to prevent us adopting this mare, just to keep her to experiment upon.

Please sign this petition to "Free the Twins" and their mama to bring them as a family to a life of freedom and sanctuary on our beautiful 9000 acre ranch - where the mother would get to stay with her two precious babies forever.  We want to raise awareness about this issue and show the truth behind the BLM's claims that they are trying to adopt out horses when actually they seem to be doing the opposite.  The corrals recently informed us that they were going to now shoot special-needs horses instead of sending them to our sanctuary when we are offering to take them and take care of them for their lifetimes.

It costs the American taxpayers millions of dollars every year to roundup, warehouse and stockpile these magnificent horses and we are offering to take this family of THREE wild horses, as well as the special needs mustangs, and they are saying no.  We have been inspected by the BLM numerous times and approved for unlimited numbers of mustangs so why are they saying NO.

Please sign our petition to let the BLM Burns Wild Horse and Burro Corrals know that you would like this beautiful mare named Elsa and her babies Faith and Hope to come and live with us.

Thank you so much ❤️❤️

To learn more about our work go to #freethetwins #stopthespaystudy