Stop Channel 9 promoting animal cruelty on popular reality series � #ThanksButNoTanks

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Please urge television programs and channels not to encourage or promote buying tickets to animals in captivity. 

I was watching a popular reality TV series ‘Married At First Sight - Australia’ and one of the couples had a date where they swam with dolphins in captivity. 

Buying a ticket to animal entertainment or the exploitation of animals in captivity fuels the dolphin hunts around the world. 

I am ashamed to say that when I was younger I swam with dolphins. At the time I wasn’t educated on the harm this does to dolphins and other beautiful species in captivity. Please watch Ric O’Barry’s documentary ‘The Cove’ which explains in much more detail the impact of buying a ticket to these sort of ‘experiences’ has on the animals. Another famous documentary ‘BlackFish’ also talks more about Killer Whales in confinement. 

Don’t let television programs promote this as a normal/harm-free activity. It isn’t fair and it is promoting animal creulty to the masses.

The network and television program have the power to educate and change perceptions. Please be wiser with what you promote as normal behaviour.