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SAY NO to Ivory and Rhino Horn Trade!

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Rhino and elephant populations continue to plummet as black-market prices rapidly increase for the horns and tusks. Weak enforcement encourage smugglers to continue hunting and trafficking.

On average, 100 elephants are killed for their tusks every day and a rhino is poached every 8 hours. Their tusks or horns are often hacked off while the animal is still alive. Besides,US is still the second largest of illegal ivory and rhino trade in the world and there is not a law banning this merciless trade.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service published a new rule in 2016 that eliminates almost all trade in ivory and rhino horn products, no matter how or when the object was acquired. If you have planned to sell something made of ivory at an antique store, it better be at least 100 years old. Although the Fish and Wildlife Service had allowed people to buy and sell antique ivory and rhino horn products for years and banning new ivory from entering the country, the problem is that ivory poachers and traders can make an object look old when it's not. Some unscrupulous antique dealers also sold items they knew were recent to make an extra buck by claiming they were antique.

"Strong laws around wildlife crime and strong enforcement of those laws are absolutely critical in deterring traffickers and poachers, and each country has an obligation to review and strengthen its laws, close loopholes and otherwise simplify the role of law enforcement in combating the illegal wildlife trade," said Patrick Bergin, CEO of the African Wildlife Foundation. Wildlife trafficking is among the top 5 criminal markets worldwide today and cracking down on people buying ivory and rhino horns is the only way to stop the slaughter.

Let's urge our lawmakers to partner with the world in saving elephants and ehinos. Sign our petition requesting them to make the law banning ivory and rhino horn trade!

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