Save wrongfully accused pitbull due to stereotype

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I'm homeless with a female pitbull who was tethered at the time. She's been taunted by another individual and her female pitbull who was not leashed. In the 3 weeks of her residing was asked in several occasions to have her dog on leashed and notify us when passing through. Only common custody cause we don't know if either dog is dangerous. While my dog was tethered individual was passing very slow where my dog snapped her harness. Following day she stated to several people that my dog bit another individual. My dog was pickes up, she is at level 2 and shes not dangerous at all. We did all qualifications asked at last minute was advised she can not be transferred to another county cause of her level. Only have till Oct 12 is the deadline. Bali my dog is not dangerous at all, she is the most loving pitbull I've known. She deserves to have a chance. I'm homeless,disabled with brain tumors she is my rock. Please help me save her life. I'm running out of time. Please