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Fight for a law to prevent selling of live animals in key, necklaces, etc.

In China, it is legal to sell live fish, turtles, lizards, and other small animals inside sealed bags for "good luck". Customers are told the animals will survive for a few months because of a herbal solution, but they will die within days if not hours due to a lack of oxygen. Some purchase them to free them, but others buy either not realizing they will die soon or simply that they don't care.

China doesn't have very strict rules about animal cruelty, but in the United States, we can stop this act before it becomes a fad.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is an organization that fights to protect the lives of animals. Together, we can all fight and make a difference for ALL abused animals who can't speak for themselves.

Sign the petition to encourage the ALDF to fight for a law making illegal the selling and purchasing of these cruel trinkets.

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