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Stop animal fur farms everywhere.

Every day, every moment, every second of the day animals get skinned ALIVE for their fur. Do you think this is right? This should not be happening. Everywhere, mostly in China, millions of animals get trapped all in cages together.. squished. Then to be pulled out with a wire neck strap, pulled on the floor, then abused until their limbs and bones have been bruitally abused so they can't move..AT ALL! Then get their necks punctured into a metal pole, and get electrocuted so they can't breath and suffer alive then the people cut and pull off their skin..again STILL ALIVE!!!!! Please help, join as many organizations as possible and end this, if you're still not convinced watch a video on YouTube called: animal fur farm in china. (This content is disturbing) Please help, I'm literally begging you. This NEEDS to stop..please for the animals like dogs, cats, foxes, raccoons, millions of other species. Please. Please. Please.

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  • Animal fur farms to an end

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