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Return lost kitten to her rightful adoptive family.

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Yesterday, June 27th 2013, I reported my kitten missing less than an hour after she was missing. My husband, five-year old son, and myself pulled over to the Pacific Grove McDonald's parking lot because I was feeling ill. I have progressive Multiple Scelrosis and other serious heath issues. During a quick shuffle of taking care of my issue (severe nose bleed) Our newly adopted kitten managed to ninja herself out of her carrier. We immediatley returned to the location to which we lost her asking employees and other locations near by. We were told that someone had found her and was returning to her animal friends. We went there to the AFRP on Lighthouse ave, but no luck. While I reported her missing online, creating various ads on craigslist and other animal services, my husband went to animal control. He was told by the desk worker that the kitten was brought in, but she told the individual to take it back to the parking lot. My husband was upset and devasted. She did not want to help us. 

For the entire day we searched for her. My son is devasted. He named her Kita, right after the adoption was official. I had never seen something so beautiful with a kitten and a little boy. Upon going to shelters, the human picks the animal, in this case, Kita picked my son. 

When AFRP finally got back to me this afternoon, They put a picture and information on their facebook page to help me with my search. There ended up being several hurtful coments about me, and how she shouldn't be returned to me. 

AFRP called me shortly after this post, saying the man that found her owns a local pet store and kept her overnight. Because I lost her, they are allowing this person to keep my kitten. 

I don't understand why they won't return her to us. It was an accident, and we did everything. We have her micro chipped and all of her paper work, and got on this in an extremely rapid manner. Why go through a service like this, where all of these precautions are taken to ensure a safe return if the animal is lost or stolen? I believe AFRP should return this kitten to her rightful family. I am grateful that she is safe, but it is time for her to come home. 

We are all devasted, and shocked by Animal Friends Resuce Project and the Pacific Grove Animal Control. 


Please help me and my son get her back.

I also apologize for any typos and incorrect spellings.... I'm devasted, and hope that this all makes sense. 

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