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Animal Equality and LCA infiltrate the dog and cat meat trade in China

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Today, Animal Equality and Last Chance for Animals present unedited images from our joint investigation we carried out in the dog and cat markets in Wuhan, Taiping, Cong Hua and Nanhai, as well as images from two dog breeding and fattening farms, located in Jiaxiang and Jining, and a slaughterhouse in Zhanjiang.

This new investigation forms part of our Voiceless Friends campaign, which started in April this year 2013, and with which we aim to put an end to the dog and cat meat trade in China.

Despite the fact that the security guards followed us and tried to stop us from seeing the unloading of live animals at the markets, we witnessed how thousands of animals arrived in huge trucks, crammed into tiny cages.

The dogs, cats, and rabbits are unloaded during the night and the cages they are locked in are thrown from the top of the trucks. Many of these animals have their bones broken when their cages fall against the floor. Some of the pregnant cats give birth during their journey to the markets -which can last several days. They do not eat or drink and their kittens usually die crushed as they are being unloaded from the trucks.


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