Leekes Store Melkhan Enjoy the Grotto without Live Reindeer

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Leekes Melksham store are planning to have live Reindeer at their Christmas grotto in December.

Exploiting animals for entertainment, food, clothing, & experiments are all dark aged traditions. In the 21st century we should not be using animals for our own greedy needs.

Having Christmas grotto's for children is wonderful thing to do, but to have live reindeer is another matter. 

These gentle beings are extremely sensitive creatures that can be easily stressed, placed in small pens while being poked and prodded by the general public will only increase this unnecessary stress.

Reindeers do not belong in stores, shopping centers. These Beings belong in the wild where they are free to live in herds. 

It's time to do the right thing & actually be kind to all Beings on Earth this & every Christmas 

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