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'Yulin Dog Meat Festival' Stop dogs and cats being COOKED AND SKINNED ALIVE for meat trades

The dogs an cats in china and are treated beyond belief. The are treated without thought, compassion and by people without a heart. Just so that a bit of cheap fur can be skinned from them they are treated with unimaginable pain and horror. They are COOKED ALIVE and SKINNED ALIVE!!! The ones that are not cooked are then left in pain and skinless, helpless, scared and waiting to die.The ones that are cooked are put in bags alive and trapped and cooked, feeling every last bit of pain untill their inevitable death.

They do not deserve this. They are living breathing beings just like us and shoud not be treated like this. It has to be stopped and it has to be stopped now!!!

This petition has been signed by thousands who agree with these points made and now we ask your to make it known to the masses and help put a end finally to this tragic amd unbeliveable cause.  Please dont ignore this, please dont delete this,  you have a choice right this second to decided what is right from wrong.  Watch the video and then you will understand what we are trying to do.  Help us provide a better life for the animals left on death row through no folt of their own.  

Help us fight the battle for them

Thank you

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