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Animal Cruelty/Ordinance violation surcharge for spay/neutering

Prohibitive costs for spay/neutering is the number one reason why many don't do this humane intervention which would substantially reduce the cruelty and the killing of our companion pets. Animal cruelty/animal ordinance surcharge of $15  is a common sense intervention to alleviate this problem for those who choose this surgery for their pets, is good for the State (costs the State nothing), our tax payers, and is humane legislation. Everybody wins.

Note: Homeless unwanted companion pets is a national epidemic. The ASPCA estimates over $2 billion dollars a year is spend every year for animal control across  USA whose main designated function is to kill perfectly healthy adoptable animals--not enough homes for them, so they are killed. 

Homeless companion animals live short, brutal lives: Most die of starvation, parasites, diseases, end up as road kill,  or victims of human cruelty (for example, getting poisoned, trapped for snake food, kicked, beaten, etc.) ; or food for coyotes.  (Coyote population is a problem due to a plentiful supply of  homeless, unwanted cats ending up as coyote chow. ) 
Read article Coyotes Eat Cats!-research article.
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