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For too long, we of the Kitigan Zibi Anishnabeg have been without an animal control officer. Years ago, Sam Brascoupe was the person appointed as that officer. She did an excellent job and worked tirelessly to clean up our community. The program was stopped and never started back up again, even though the need is almost an emergency situation. We also need help with fixing our animals. We have strays all over our community and this is not right. They have bitten children, killed family pets, torn up garbage and created havoc for years now! Even though we were informed Sam might start again this year, Kitigan Zibi Band Council has postponed it again. We have way over a thousand individuals and hundreds of households. Many, many households love their pets and take excellent care of them. They cannot always afford to fix their pets or get them the shots that are needed. People living off out of our community have the SPCA to back them up. We don't. PLease, please sign this petition so that it can be handed to Band Council as proof of our desperation and growing need. It's something that should be treated as a right, not a privilege for our children to walk our roads without fear of being attacked by animals. SHARE SHARE SHARE