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Ban Puppy Mills and Ban Inhumane Methods of Euthanasia for shelter animals!

We are a nation of animal lovers! In 2007 , a report was done proving that $44 BILLION dollars was spent on our "pets" as animal lovers! As a nation of animal lovers we simply cannot watch or hear about anything that may harm and animal because it hurts US! By turning away, we are not helping the poor shelter animals that have no voice and rely on us to save them and protect them. A "shelter animal" is simply an animal NOT lucky enough to be labeled a "pet".
Despite the staggering statistics of animal lovers, well over half do NOT know what exists outside their protected bubblewrap! Well over half our population does not know that gas chambers, cardiac heartsticks with no sedation and firearms are acceptable methods of killing unwanted "shelter animals"! How many people in this country think they are saving a life when they purchase a puppy in a petstore? Do they know what Puppy Mills are? We can shut puppy mills down simply by NOT buying puppies and adopting a shelter animal! By signing our petition, we can combine voices and speak for the MILLIONS of unwanted, neglected and abused animal sitting on deathrow! Help us spread the awareness and make change! The voiceless are counting on us to be their voice. Join us at for more details!

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