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Keep The Webcam of April The Giraffe, Oliver, And Baby Up For One Month!

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I, along with countless others around the world have watched day and night, as April the giraffe prepared to give birth.

It's become part of my daily routine, sometimes being the only thing I have on my screen for the entire day. I've grown attached to April, Oliver, and the baby calf even though it has yet to be introduced to the world. I've also become attached to the Animal Adventure Park family, looking forward to interviews with Jordan, visits from Dr. Tim, thumbs ups from Corey, every goodnight wave from Allysa, not to mention the throwing of hay as April plays with her food, and the close up shots of her nose and tongue as she reaches for carrots and lettuce treats.

Since February 23, 2017 I have watched excitedly as this baby was due any day now. When asked how long the giraffe cam would stay up after April has her baby, the response was five (5) days. Many of us, myself included have become soo attached to both April and Oliver, all because AAP was gracious enough to allow us into their world, that we have joined various fan clubs, donated to help save giraffes, purchased t-shirts and other merchandise, and have anxiously signed up for active labor aka hoof alerts.

The time that we have all put in to watching April as she goes about her daily routine has given me time to think - and in doing so, I've concluded that five (5) days of watching April and her calf, are not nearly enough. Some, if not most of us, do not get the opportunity to watch and learn about giraffes as up close and personal as AAP has provided. I think we should now get the opportunity to continue to follow April and the calf's lives for a while longer. I want to see her behavior as a mother, how she interacts with the baby and how the baby learns, grows, and interacts with April as well as the AAP crew. 

Please consider extending giraffe cam as we have all lovingly watched, and will continue to watch,  learn, and love these beautiful animals! 

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