Stop Dog eating festival in Yulin, China

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I really feel that this problem has to be solved. The people behind this must not be sent to jail but should be hanged to death. If this problem persists, dogs will eventually be extinct and cannot be seen by the next generation. I personally raise 2 dogs at home and cannot stop crying after watching the dog eating festival videos that people post. I think dogs are loving and loyal living things and deserve love more than human. Dogs are more clever, loving and loyal compared to human. Besides that, humans are stupid and do not deserve a better life than dogs including me. Humans make mistakes almost everyday, but dogs are very innocent. We should not cry after watching this videos of dog being eaten, instead we should be angry and ready to face whatever challenges while carrying out this ban. I would really love to join and lend a helping hand but I am only 15 and still under my parents car which means I can't go to China without my parents permission. But if i could join, I would form a large group of dog lovers and stop this problem using the aggressive way. I would sneak up at night and free all the dogs and kill anyone who stops me. The people behind this should die because they do not deserve a second chance. I am ready to go to jail just for these dogs. Shall peace be brought to these innocent dogs!

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