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I still wanna live (ISWL) started this petition to Animal activists and

I was picked up by some unknown lady(#Kirtikha singh) on 1st May 12:30PM and sent to an NGO(#CUPA).CUPA suggested PTS and Krithika agreed and I was killed by 5PM.

STOP illegal picking of animals and choosing PTS as convience. Let NGO"s follow the rule of land and not create policy and process convient to them to kill animals. Let care taker decide the fate of animals they cared not some random people picking and deciding to kill.


Lived with my mother and sister around 14th cross,eswaralayout, indiranagar 2nd stage. I was tall, big and handsome happy go lucky boy.Loved by most of the residents, I loved everyone, even a 4yr kid hugging me while eating had no impact on me. I dominated my sis and mother, beacause I want to be petted always so I will walk between my mom's(care taker) legs, so that my sister cant come near. If I see my sister getting petted i used to get very jealous,growl and make her sumbmissive when mom not watching. Over all I was the king walking around 3 -4 lanes and everone knew me.

On Sep end 2017, I fell sick but I was eating food and there was no visible signs of sickness. But one night when mama came for feeding she saw nasal discharge she was devasted she hugged me and told everything will be fine. My mother also had eye dischange but she looked better than me.She called around people taking day off finally she found an angel called Sudha madam, who agreed to take me in for treatement. But I have to wait for a day as the shelter place was full. Mama along with her freind Awesh took me to BPH and gave me the serum and started my treatement.Next day I was dropped at CARE with one tshirt so that I know Im not abandoned and felt mama near me always.

I fought like a king, Sudha madam made sure I got everything needed along with Dr.Lohit. One month letter I was weak and thin but kicked out CD. On Nov 1st mama came along with papa to pick me up and I was so happy to back on my street. Peed around, walked up to every human beining i knew and knocked gates to tell them Im back. And I lived happily there eating lot of rice/chicken/liver meal. And some used to buy me kababs. With time and medicine i was happy except for twicthing.

On 1st May, someone called Kirthika singh walked into my lane with CUPA van. Residents informed that I have care taker, but she lied saying she is taking me for treatment, dragged me to the van, 3hrs later I was put to sleep. CUPA posted on thier site saying I was suffering from CD so they had decided to PTS me with consent from Kritika.

Im gone, my mom devasted, she still crying every evening while preparing food my friends. The a/d hills food still sitting there.That's my favourite so mama used to give me once in a while ;)

Need be answered:

-Why Kirthika singh picked me even when residents said I have care takers? Why did she lie saying she is taking for tiger for treatment?
-Why did CUPA posted on thier FB saying Tiger was suffering from CD when he was a surviour and only had twicthing?
-Why did CUPA suggest PTS and Kirthika agreed to it knowing Tiger was not suffering from CD?
-When CUPA doesnt have isolated area for CD dogs and not take CD dogs in why did they pick CD cases?
-Why CUPA not following AWBI PTS guideline?
-How did CUPA picked up tiger 1 pm and euthanizing by 5 pm
? Why no 24hr observation? What tests CUPA did to find tiger was suffering from CD

Tiger was not the only victim of Cupa's euthanasia epiderm!

Join hands let's bring justice to tiger and hundreds of other dogs which were euthanised by this cruel people��

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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