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I want my bulldog puppy back that I surrendered to vet after it was injured under duress

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My 3 week old bulldog was bitten by its mother and bleeding and crying. My husband and I had to take it to an emergency vet in Butler, Pa during a snowstorm traveling about 30 miles in hazardous conditions all the while the puppy was crying. I had just been discharged from the hospital after suffering a MI. I was crying hysterically. We arrived at the vet and they took her to the back and put us in a room. We could hear her continued cries. Then someone came in and had a plan of care estimating all that they thought was wrong and care required. They wanted  a credit card which I gave them and they put $839 on the card and high amount $1300. They still had done nothing for the puppy I asked and they said they would as soon as we paid . The vet then came in and told us her prognosis was grave and she may be an invalid and never walk. I was hysterical. I asked if they gave her something for pain and had done the xray.  She said they gave her something for pain and would be giving her mannitol for swelling of the brain. She wanted us to know the graveness of the condition and to consider euthanizing her. My husband and I were both crying by then. I said I needed time to think so she left and then came back with a laptop and an xray of a dog and said that she had a skull fracture and would die or be severely brain damaged. She said we could take the dog to Pittsburgh to another vet that would do brain surgery or keep her there or euthanize her.  She left the room to give us time to  talk. 5 minutes later she returned and said that one of the vets were willing to work with  her if we signed all rights over for the dog and that the vet would care for her and adopt her and we could never see her again I was hysterical but didn't want her to die so I signed under all this stress. The puppy is still alive and the vet that was to care for her is out of the country until January 2. We were told the swelling went down and she was eating but she was no longer at the vets. We were told we could not see her. I want my puppy back and I will pay the costs of her care. I feel we were scammed into signing the paperwork with so much emotions and my health. I want my puppy back. Please help me.

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