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Animal Abuse Law: Make Torture and Killing Felonies: Make animal cruelty a felony offense and penalties more severe.

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This is a petition to demand the federal and state law officials create stricter laws against animal abuse and neglect and the penalties reflect the heinousness of the crimes commented This petition was created for the rights of animals.

I propose: An individual that purposely commits a heinous act towards any animal, domesticated or not, should be tried as if this abuse were towards a human, bearing a felony charge and penalty that includes but is not limited to up to 5 years in jail and a minimum fine of $50,000. Currently allowable punishment for animal abuse is left in the hands of each state and each state is different. (Example: Texas; imprisonment ranging from 2 to 10 years and a possible fine of up to $10,000.) Federal law needs to be created to protect these poor abused and neglected animals and bring more severe penalty to those found guilty.

To be considered a felony crime, the neglect/abuse needs to be with purpose, and inflict pain on the animal. Such cases include but not limited to: leaving an animal outside for an substantial amount of time (2+ hours), not feeding an animal when it is the owners responsibility, inflicting pain on the animal using force, objects, fire, chemicals, or weapons, and any other event that will lead to the abuse/neglect of an animal. All animals shall be removed from the possession of convicted person(s). During investigations, the animal shall remain in the custody of a reliable person(s), and can include shelters, pounds, or abuse centers for animals. Any person convicted of a felony count of animal abuse shall have their name(s) added to a list that refuses them access to any animal(s) through adoption, purchase, or ownership for the rest of their life. This list shall be shared between states, and should be updated on a weekly/monthly basis.

This petition is designed to fight for the rights of animals because they do not have a voice. By signing this petition, You are their voice. You are agreeing that the federal government needs to make animal cruelty a felony offense and accordingly, the penalties be made more severe. Let us unite and declare that No longer will animal abuse be tolerated. Thank you for your support, and please pass this petition to all who care able the animals.

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