make animal abuse sentencing fit the crime

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until UK passes laws that deter animal abuse..cruelty to all animals will continue to increase.a minimum of five years prison sentence.with a fine of £5000,should be given to anyone abusing any animal. and no parole is to be given. you do the crime you do the sentence. also if the offender can not afford to pay the fines the prison sentence will be extended accordingly,today the law is no deterrent for anyone thinking of committing these .atrocities.and animals have no voice of their own. so its down to those that care to speak up for them.currently most animal abuse is met with a six weeks imprisonment and a ban on keeping animals for a maximum of life.this has been proven as not being efficient enough punishment to stop further abuse on other animal.please sign the petition and let us get animals treated with more respect.this petition is to include all animals be it family pet to animals in the slaughter houses.all animals deserve respect