Stop Sewer Overflow In Gurugram, Sanitation is our Fundamental Right.

Stop Sewer Overflow In Gurugram, Sanitation is our Fundamental Right.

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Raj Kumar Yadav RWA Sector 46 started this petition to Anil Vij (Local Body Minister Haryana) (Local Body Minister Haryana) and

Gurgaon the city with sky touching buildings and with dreams that are higher than sky.
With Poshest residentials and commercial areas, where people spend crores of rupees to become a part of Gurugram.

But what lies beneath this so called posh image of Gurugram.


There lies problems, many of them

What is the biggest problem of Gurugram ?
Overflowing sewers with sewer flow so acute that our houses and roads have a nala like stream continuously running.

How to solve this problem ?

Bigger sewer lines which can handle the flow from the houses of growing population also better connection between these lines, till this is achieved we need
super suction machines, jetting machines.

How many number of such needed machinery do we have ?

To my knowledge we have -

Super Suction Machine - 0
Jetting Machine - 1
MCG takes super suction machine on rent of approximately Rs. 40,000 per day.

Why we dont buy these machines ?

In 2017 i met the then MCG Commisioner Mr. Umashankar, he placed to my knowledge that MCG is very soon buying two super suction machines.

he got transferred, then after that no such machine was ever purchased.

MCG paying such a hefty amount as rent on a daily basis rather than buying the machinery make me remember the times of Common Wealth Ghotala where puja ki thali was daily taken on rent and was not purchased.

Who is responsible ?

To be bluntly true, MCG, GMDA, HSVP, Our ministers and Councillors.

Authorities are divided so that work can be done in a better manner, but with gurgaon this decentralisation only made the issues worse where the Authorities got a chance to shrug the responsibilities of their shoulders and place the same on some other authority.

MCG Says Go to GMDA, GMDA says this is MCGs Area

Wait wasn't this the case with office office, The celebrated serial of the 90s ?

Sadly, Yes. Same plot, same theme, only the thing which has changed is that it doesn't feel good to be in the shoes of Mussadi Lal.

Why am i bothered about it, and why you should be bothered too ?
Logical basis - Plain and simple I dont like living in filth.

Constitutional and Legal Basis - Article 21 of the Indian Constitution recognises the fundamental right of every person (Citizen as well as non citizen), The fundamental right to life in Article 21 includes in it the Right to Sanitation.

Further the supreme court in
Virender Gaur v. State of Haryana, Supreme Court of India (1995)2 SCC 577*
has held that
Article 21 protects the right to life as a fundamental right. Right to life encompasses within its ambit...sanitation without which life cannot be enjoyed.

Why am i blaming MCG and GMDA for the severe sewer failure ?

Logical Basis - They Maintain the sewer lines and the responsibility falls on them.

Legal Basis -

Municipal Council, Ratlam v. Vardhichand, Supreme Court, AIR 1980 SC 1622
The supreme court has held -
A responsible municipal council constituted for the precise purpose of preserving public health cannot run away from its principal duty by pleading financial inability. Decency and dignity are non-negotiable 
facets of human rights and are a first charge on local self-governing bodies. 
Similarly, providing drainage systems not pompous and attractive but in working condition and sufficient to meet the needs of the people cannot be evaded by the municipality

What does Gurugram Seek ?

I request all the Authorities, the ministers and Councillors to do the needful for providing us with a hygienic living environment where sewer does not flow on our roads and in our houses, 
where we smell the fragrance of flowers from the nearby parks and not what our neighbours ate last night.

We only Seek you to give us our Fundamental Right, Nothing further.

Thank You


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!