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I am writing this letter as a proud member of the Vietnamese-Canadian community. I am NOT writing on behalf of any organization or association but rather as a member of this active and vibrant community.  Recently it has come to my attention that there are several people within the Vietnamese-Canadian community, specifically the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), have been viciously slandering Mr. Adam Pham (Vietnamese name Cuong Ngoc Pham).  Mr. Pham is currently the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (PCPO) candidate for the Ontario riding of Parkdale – High Park in the upcoming Ontario provincial election on June 7 (www.adampham.ca), an active member in the riding and well respected outside the Vietnamese community.

They are using the same old tactics to denigrate people whom they do not like such as labeling him a “communist” and misrepresenting his online profile whereby Mr. Pham used the term “community leader” to describe himself.  Furthermore, they have even gone to lengths of printing flyers and attending meetings in Mr. Pham’s riding to malign Mr. Pham.

People of good will need to stand up and discredit these individuals as some of them are in leadership positions of their respective Vietnamese-Canadian organizations. Having said that, please do not be discouraged because these same organizations do not speak nor represent the vast majority of Vietnamese-Canadians in Ontario. I was always taught that if you disagree with someone you should have dialogues and find out opposing points of view instead of using cowardice tactics.

I strongly urge you and your friends to sign the following petition.

We will show our support to Mr. Adam Pham that in Canada we are a fair and decent country. We are fair Vietnamese Canadians and do not condone vicious accusations.

Thank you,

Dr. Anh Tran